Want to be the person who always has a great job? 
It starts by having a great network.
(Don't panic, it's less painful than you think!)
What if you could...
Increase your salary by $20,000 - just by picking up the phone? 
What if you could...
Get an amazing new job offer - just by having coffee with someone? 
What if you could...
Get help with finding your passion - just by emailing a stranger? 
You CAN.
You just need to know the right people (but not in the awkward, stilted, or desperate way that makes you want to hide).  

Here's something else you need to know: 
Roughly 80% of jobs are NEVER advertised.  So if you don't have a strong network, you might not even know what you are missing.  
Scary, right? 
 That makes networking even more important.
So don't kid yourself.
  Whether you want to start your own business, change careers, or just get a new job where you don't want to slam your head against a wall, you need people.
But that doesn't make networking easy...

Any of this sound familiar?

1. You hate walking into a beige hotel ballroom stuffed with people wearing name tags, so you avoid them....like the plague.

 2. You know you want to change jobs or launch a business, but you feel like you don't know anyone except your cat.  And you are pretty sure she's not hiring.

3. You've kept your head down working diligently.  But in the meantime, you've kind of lost touch with everyone (and your career feels stalled). 

3. You've been reaching out to people, and getting...crickets.  Seriously, no one is responding!

4. And you worry that when you do reach out to someone for help, you are using them... and that feels gross.

5. Networking makes you have FEELINGS. Like feeling tired. Or drained. Or Shy. Or like a bother. Seriously, your couch is comfy. Do you have to? 

Here's the good news about networking: You were born to do it. 

Networking is a part of being human - we as a species have relied on it since the dawn of time.  We use it to help share wisdom, advance our survival and build our happiness. Think about it: Anytime you ask for a reference to find a plumber, or meet an old friend to catch up, or talk to someone new at a picnic, you are networking.  

And here's the GREAT news: Networking is
 not only something you are wired to do naturally, it's also a skill.  Which makes it something that you can learn to do even better.  

So you don't have to feel anxious, worried, tired, or like a networking fraud anymore.  You can learn to know exactly what to say at an event, how to reach out to strangers on social media and turn them into friends, and how to do this networking thing your way, so you feel comfortable...even if you hate people and want to stab anyone who uses the word "networking" in the eye. 

Even though we are wired to network as human begins, we don't get taught "how to network as a professional" at school, which is why it can sometimes feel weird or awkward.  But in reality, not much separates people who are great networkers from people who don't like to network at all. In fact, only two things are really important in networking. 

1) Confidence in yourself and
2) Systems to take action
(confidence so you get out there and ask for help, and systems so you know what to say when you do!)  
The best news: You can learn BOTH.  

The more confident you are, the more you will get out there and build networking systems.  The more systems you have, the more confident you become.

It creates a circle of awesome (and a great network!)
How do I know all of this? 
Everything good I've achieved in my career has come from my network, so I've made it my mission to study this amazing skill over the last 15 years because it's one of the most important career skills. Period.  Networking has given me $10,000, $15,000 and $25,000 salary bumps (just from a phone call), led the way into some amazing jobs (hello NATO!), and helped to build my brand and expertise (Forbes named me a top 100 Career Coach). And here's a shocker: I'm an introvert who also loves my couch. But just by changing my mindset and building my systems, I've managed to connect with interesting people (famous authors, celebrities, and career taste-makers). Simply put: The power of networking has changed my life.

And it will change yours too.  
Introducing the Networking Masterclass
Your networking system, done for YOU.
Let's take a closer look at how you can use networking to make your career dreams a reality. Seriously.
Here's the fancy-pants, but entirely fun, curriculum starting with...
How to build your confidence
We cover:
1. Why networking is based in human nature, so you don't have to feel awkward about it.
2. How to build your confidence before you start networking, because everyone needs a confidence boost (that also makes people think you are awesome).
3. How to uncover your secret ninja skills and strengths that will benefit your network.
4. The two-minute trick that will make you walk into any room and be seen as someone who is confident and competent. Because you are!
5. The 5 things you can offer ANYONE in your network (even when you don't feel like have skills or expertise).  
6. How to see networking as something completely natural (important: there's a tiger involved!).

How to Network on LinkedIn
We cover:
1. Why you don't need to pay extra for LinkedIn Premium to get results. 
2. Why the connection message is so freaking important, and exactly what to say to get your request accepted.  
3. The two most important sentences to write (and why they work). 
4. The privacy settings and pitfalls that can trap you, and what to avoid doing so your requests don't get ignored.
5. The biggest mistake you can make on LinkedIn, which goes against the entire system.
Networking over Email
We cover:
1. How to email a complete stranger in a way that doesn't feel awkward or creepy, and instead makes them feel great.

2.. Exactly what to write in your email subject line, so your email *actually* gets read.
3.  The perfectly simple email formula that will get you a response - and bonus, it makes you sound like a pretty fabulous human.
4. What to say when you follow up after sending that first email, when all you hear are crickets.
 5. The reason why people won't email you back.
6. Some scripts and real life examples that you can steal!

Networking on Social Media
We cover:
1. How to use social media to take the pressure off of finding new people (and how to reconnect to old ones). 
2. Why you DON'T have to use email to reach out.
3. How to get on someone's radar in only a few seconds in a way that feels natural, and most importantly: Painless.
4. Why social media is one of the easiest ways to grow and maintain your network...so that no matter where you are, you stay connected. Without leaving your house. 
Networking at Live Events
We cover:
1. How to find great events (even if you live in the middle of nowhere!)
2. What to do BEFORE you show up to a networking event to guarantee that you will have a great time.
3. How to walk up to a group and start a conversation, including EXACTLY what to say. No more hiding at the bar!
4. The importance of date theory at networking events. Yes. Date theory.
5. What to say to keep the conversation going once you do meet someone, and avoid any awkwardness.
6. How to get out of difficult conversations...because you don't always click with everyone.
7. How to ensure you meet up again so you can build the relationship and help your career!
8. Exactly what to say when you do meet up, including the most important questions to ask.
How to Maintain Your Network
We cover:
1. The science behind why you don't have to be best friends most of the people in your network (less work for you!).
2. Simple ways to maintain your network that only take a few minutes a week.
3. How to develop great networking habits, so that it becomes something that you don't even think about.

How to Create a Network From Thin Air
We cover:
1. The importance of your warm network, and why you need to start there.
2. A five-minute exercise to identify people who are likely to want to help you - even if you feel like you don't know anyone.
4. How to immediately create a network of 10-30 people, and find the 5 most important to your next step.  
Networking Mistakes
We cover:
1. The big mistakes you *may* be making when you email someone (that results in the sound of crickets).
2. Ever wondered why you don't get a response when you reach out to someone? We'll tell you why.
3. Wondered what mistakes other people are making? You'll see real life examples.
4. Want to know the #1 most important thing you MUST do to network successfully? We've got the answer.
Plus you'll get these bonuses
Networking for Introverts
(Even if you hate reaching out and talking to people, we've got you covered)

Networking for Your New Business
(There's a right and wrong way to do this, we'll teach you the right way!)

The Art of Conversation and Being Liked
(This works at live events, or online - and we LOVE to help people we like!)

Advanced Training: Targeting the Right People
(How to find EXACTLY the right people when you are changing jobs or changing careers!) 

How will we do it? 
Detailed Videos. Transcripts. Worksheets.
Everything you need to make networking easy, accessible at any time, from anywhere in the world.  All you need is a computer.
What makes this the best networking course out there? 
*Detailed, simple, how-to videos that make you take action (nothing changes if you sit on your couch).
 *Formulas that you can adapt to your own personal style, because networking is all about being human.  
*Scripts, techniques, and loads and LOADS of real-life examples.
Oh yes, and it's fun. 
We give you a system
That takes the STRESS out of networking
"Support for my first business venture!"
Sandra Oliver Corso
"Christie's Networking Masterclass definitely gave me more confidence in putting myself out there! Her tips for identifying my existing network, and connecting to them in a meaningful way, have helped me in drumming up support for my first ever business venture, Thanks Christie! You're the best!"
"More confident and comfortable"
Hilary Ramp
"The program's approach to networking has helped me feel more confident and comfortable when I talk with new professional connections. Thank you for the concrete, specific tips!" 
"New job opportunity!"
Mike Dobersztyn
"My big takeaway from the Networking Masterclass was to be specific in my ask but remain thoughtful. I'm usually so focused on what I'm trying to accomplish. But, I recently reached out to a contact that I've known for years to build my network (whose father had recently died without my knowledge, so he was slow to respond to me, but I remembered to remain thoughtful)....and now we are conversing  about a new job opportunity!
"Many new connections on LinkedIn!"
Julie Pardee
"Networking and connection is great skill to have, and I knew I was falling short. By learning the 5 biggest networking mistakes, I knew exactly what I needed to work on, and immediate actions to take. My confidence in how I talk to people has grown, because I know I have something to offer. I have tactics on contacting others online through messaging and social media, with many new connections on Linked In!"
30 Day Have-At-It Guarantee
If you don't like it, just send us your receipt within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked!
Networking Matters. 
A good network can help you find the job of your dreams...

A good network can help you figure out your passion...

A good network can help you get your business off the ground...

And a good network can guarantee that you will never be unemployed again (unless you want to be!).
This course is for you if you are a human :), And also, if you are: 

Changing Careers
Whether you are in or out of the workforce, the fastest way to get hired in a NEW career is to network, because it allows you to really tell your story, get inside information, and pitch YOU. We'll show you how.
Looking for a New Job (or Passion!)
Since 80% of job are never advertised, it literally PAYS to know people.  The more qualified people in your network, the more great opportunities will come your way!
In Need of Help!
You aren't sure exactly how to qualify your networking,  but you know you could be better if you want more career success. Frankly, you've tried, and it's just not working for you. Relax, we've got you covered!
The Networking Masterclass
at a glance...
Detailed, action-packed (and entertaining) videos, totaling almost 4 hours. Take your time, or binge-watch all at once!
Transcripts for each video, in case you prefer to read :).
Helpful worksheets to keep you focused.
30 Day Guarantee, so try it out and see if you love it. If not, just email us your receipt!
Access from anywhere in the world, on almost any device.
BONUS: Networking for Introverts, Networking for Business, The Art of Conversation and Advanced Targeting. Plus Lifetime Access!
       $197 Buy now!             
After just 6 days in the program...
So you could tell yourself not to bother with networking while you sit on your couch, apply to a bunch of jobs or just dream about starting your business while opportunity passes you by...
Or you could learn to be a networking master in a way that feels right to you,  so that you become one of those magical souls who has people lining up to help make your career dreams come true. 

Which one are you? 
The Networking Masterclass
       $197 Buy now!             
FAQ's - 
How much content is there in the program? 
Almost 4 hours of content, broken out into pieces you can watch one at a time or binge all at once. And remember, you get access to worksheets aimed at helping you grow your network while you watch - pretty nifty (and simple!).
Can I access this from anywhere?
Yes, anywhere there is internet, you are covered!

What is the refund policy?
Try the program out for 30 days and if you don't like it then just shoot an email to support (at) therevolutionaryclub.com before the 30 days are over and we are happy to refund you. If we aren't helping you, we don't want your money.    

I'm feeling like a terrible networker, will this really help me?
First off, deep breaths! You are going to be okay. Remember, this masterclass will help you build your confidence AND your systems.  When you work on both, you will become better! Why? Because when you are confident, you tend to be willing to put yourself out there and talk to people. And when you know exactly how to approach people and what to say when you do, it makes you much more confident.  It's a circle of awesome! And don't be overwhelmed, just consume the program in bite-sized pieces. You've got this!



Got questions? Email admin (at) therevolutionaryclub.com!